July 2018 newsletter

July 2018

Blind Outdoor Leisure Development
BOLD welcomes persons 18 and older with all degrees of vision: blind, low vision, partially sighted and fully sighted.
PO Box 8114
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Veronique Schreurs, Editor for July
Email: boldwpa@gmail.com
Website: www.wpabold.blogspot.com
Update Line: 1-773-572-3078 (updates recorded each Friday.)

JUNE ACTIVITIES: It’s not too late to sign up for them!

Saturday, June 16th from 9 - 11 or Wednesday, June 20th from 1 – 3 are the dates for the workshops to teach proper kayak paddling techniques at North Park with Venture Outdoors with a limit of 5 visually impaired participants a session. The subsidized cost for visually impaired BOLD members is $10.00 a person and sighted members and friends who can be guides for this event are free. This workshop can be done in a single kayak with a guide in a single kayak or in a double kayak with a blind and sighted person in the same kayak depending on the choice of the participants. Everyone is welcome to participate in one of these workshops even if you didn’t do the indoor workshop at the Children’s Institute. Call Nancy Leverett 412-561-3972 as soon as possible to sign up or for more information.

Saturday, June 30th from 9 to 11am Venture Outdoors will hold another indoor kayaking introductory workshops at the Children’s Institute; check the activities calendar on their web site for more information.

Note: there will be no Bold yoga on June 28.


Saturday June 30th by 10 PM is when to reserve with Terri Winaught, 412-263-2022, to be at the Saturday July 7th Gottschalk Swim Party, 15 Cherrington Lane, Moon Township, 15108 near the airport. Hamburgers & hot dogs will be served. When reserving, let Terri know if you will bring a side, salad or a dessert. Also, with the time being from noon to 5 PM, the hosts ask that you schedule Access or your ride no later than 5 to give them time for cleanup.

Thursday July the 5th: Mall Walking at the Ross Park Mall from 10am till noon. To reserve, call Pat DePasquale by Sunday June 30th. 412-492-1692.

Thursday July 19th is when Mall Walking will be at the Ross Park Mall from 10 AM till noon. To reserve, call Toni Kelly by Sunday the 15th: 412-965-4443.

Saturday June 30th is also when Tammi Swiantek would like to know if you will be at July’s Board meeting on Tuesday the 3rd. To let Tammi know by 10 PM, phone 412-488-6298. Tuesday July the 3rd is when Tammi will chair BOLD’s Board meeting at One Smithfield Street in the Pirates Room on the First Floor. All are welcomed to attend, the approximate times being 6:30 to 8:30 PM. (Bring your ideas and your willingness and energy to implement them.)

New exciting activity: fishing from a pontoon boat on Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park, Saturday July 21st. Plan to be at the lake at 9am, bring a brown bag lunch and sunscreen! Cost is $15/person. No swimming from the boat, dogs are not allowed to get in the water. Bob Ziegler will be our captain. Bob and others will bring enough fishing poles and bait. Bold will offer drinks and snacks. We are planning to swim in the lake after lunch, so be prepared! Joyce (412-521-4385) will take reservations and will arrange rides as much as possible. Please call by the evening of July 8th.

Wednesdays the 11th and 25th are when Mall Walking will be held at the Monroeville Mall from 9 to 11 AM. To sign up with Joyce Driben the Thursday before: 412-521-4385.

Thursdays the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th: Yoga at Squirrel Hill’s Schoolhouse Studio: 2215 Murray Ave. from 2:30 to 4 PM. Cost, $10 per person ($15 optional if the group is small). Reserve the Tuesday before with Veronique 412-225-4038.


By Terri Winaught

“Hey there, replicatable, rappin’ Ray J!” I exclaimed due to how excited I was to be greeted by Ray Jablonowski at the June 2nd Highland Park picnic he and members of the Catholic Alumni Club hosted so perfectly.

To accommodate all activity preferences and fitness levels, Ray had bocce ball, a hike around the Highland Park reservoir, tandem biking, short walks, and animated games of “Screw Your Neighbor” for party goers who wanted a more relaxed activity. (By winning the first game, Terri Winaught won $5, and Carol Platt received the same amount as the winner of the second round.)

To say that the food which Missy and Mitch Demchak brought was delicious would be an understatement: the abundant variety of food was “to die for,” or-as some might say-“it was THE BOMB!” Picnickers enjoyed fried chicken, rigatoni, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, tossed salad, brownies, cupcakes, and a variety of beverages. Always extremely generous, Peggy Walsh contributed cookies to make the desserts even sweeter (if that was possible).

Twenty-nine BOLD members and seven guests-including the Catholic Alumni Club volunteers-attended this fun-filled, festive picnic.
To conclude with final acknowledgements, appreciation to Tammi Swiantek and Peggy Walsh for providing food containers, and seeing J.R. Wilson was absolutely wonderful as someone this Editor hasn’t seen for some time. Here’s hoping that everyone had as good of a time as this Editor did.


The Fundraising Committee which Terri Winaught chairs now has Penny Fleckenstein, Nancy Leverett, Carol Platt and Peggy Walsh, making it a committee of five counting the Chair, and Terri couldn’t be happier to have them. Since Terri is looking to two to four more members, please call 412-263-2022 if interested in serving.

Thanks to the generosity of Delta Gamma Alumnae and several Lions Clubs, BOLD has received about $600 during the past several months.


Regarding Waterskiing, the reservation deadline with Nancy Leverett, 412-561-3972, is Sunday, August 19 by 10 PM. If you will need adaptive equipment in order to ski, ask Nancy if Adaptive Sports will offer that this year as they have before. If the use of adaptive equipment will be an option, be sure to ask whom to contact and what the deadline is. (See next newsletter for meeting location, including address in Oakmont; when to meet, and when the Golden Triangle Ski Club will leave for the Nine Mile Island location where this event, followed by a picnic lunch the ski club provides will be held.)
Saturday September 8th at 9am we will hike in Schenley Park with the guidance of a park ranger. Details will be in the next newsletter.


Chamber Music Pittsburgh: Free season subscriptions are available. Call Joyce Driben 412-521-4385 by 9pm Tuesday July 31st. They will send her the tickets for distribution sometime in August.


June event at the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LBPH): Author Event: David Wancyzk on Baseball for the Blind Thursday, June 21, 2:15 PM–3:00 PM

Hear author David Wancyzk speak about his latest book: “Beep: Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind”. Contact the Library: 412-687-2440 or the update line: 1-773-572-3078. Wednesday June 20th is when they (LBPH) will host tech support to persons needing help with smart phones and tablets. To RSVP, phone 412-687-2440

Welcome to Bold, Bob Ziegler! Welcome back, Ashley Winaught!

Warm Wishes for Rapid Recoveries continue to go out to Jim Winaught and Carol Platt.

Safe and wonderful trips along with Warm Welcomes back to all attending Beacon Lodge Camp for the Blind; the American Council of the Blind Convention; the national Federation of the Blind Convention, and any other vacationers.
In keeping with their annual summer tradition, the Pittsburgh Lutheran Center for the Blind will host an ice cream social on Sunday, August 7th (more in August’s newsletter).

Happy Birthday to Bonnie Newland, Carol Platt, Joe Wassermann, Ashley Winaught and anyone else with a July birthday.
If this Editor hasn’t been mentioning your birthday and you want it to be listed, or if she has been acknowledging it and you don’t want that, remember to complete the survey Nancy Leverett developed with son, Ryan. If you have no computer and need Nancy’s help, 412-561-3972.

Thanks always to the many people without whose help this newsletter couldn’t happen.