June 2018 newsletter

June 2018

Blind Outdoor Leisure Development
BOLD welcomes persons 18 and older with all degrees of vision: blind, low vision, partially sighted and fully sighted.
PO Box 8114
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Terri Winaught, Editor
New Update Line Number: 1-773-572-3078
(updates recorded each Friday)


Wednesday, May 30 by 9 PM is the deadline by which to mark your place with Peggy Walsh, 412-683-6070, to attend the Saturday, June 2nd picnic which Ray Jablonowski will be hosting at Highland Park's sycamore Grove. Ray will be organizing and hosting this popular event with the capable assistance of the Catholic Alumni Club, whose members help by guiding, setting up, cooking the delicious picnic fare and cleaning up (more will be said about that group's significant contributions (along with Ray's), in a July Personal Perspective).


Saturday, June 2nd is when Ray and the Catholic Alumni club will host a summer picnic at Highland Park from noon to 5 PM. Although it is unnecessary to bring food, you may bring an item to share if you wish.

June 2nd by 10 PM is also the reservation deadline with Nancy Leverett for "Learn to Kayak" days with Venture Outdoors. A maximum of 5 persons who are blind or who have impaired vision may sign up for Kayaking on Saturday the 16th or Wednesday the 20th. Times? Saturday the 16th from 9:30 to 11:30 AM and Wednesday the 20th from 1 to 3 PM. Nancy's phone? 412-561-3972. All are welcomed, even persons who have not participated in any of the events Venture Outdoors held at the Children's Institute. The cost of each North Park event is $10.

Sunday the 3rd is also the deadline to mark your place with Pat DePasqualle for Mall Walking at the Ross Park Mall on Thursday the 7th. Call 412-492-1692.

Sunday the 3rd is when Tammi Swiantek would like to know if you will be at June's Board meeting on Tuesday the 5th. To let Tammi know by 10 PM, phone 412-488-6298. Tuesday the 5th is when Tammi will chair BOLD's Board meeting at One Smithfield Street in the Pirates Room on the First Floor. All are welcomed to attend, the approximate times being 6:30 to 8:30 PM. (Bring your ideas and your willingness and energy to implement them.)

Wednesdays the 6th and 20th are when Mall Walking will be held at South Hills Village from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. Sign up with Nancy Leverett: 412-561-3972.

Wednesdays the 13th and 27th are when Mall Walking will be held at the Monroeville Mall from 9 to 11 AM. To sign up with Joyce Driben the Thursday before: 412-521-4385.

Thursdays the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th: Yoga at Squirrel Hill's Schoolhouse Studio: 2215 Murray Ave. from 2:30 to 4 PM. Cost, $10 per person ($15 optional if the group is small). Reserve the Tuesday before with Peggy Walsh 412-683-6070 instead of with Veronique.

June 21st is when Mall Walking will be at the Ross Park Mall from 10 AM till noon. To reserve, call Toni Kelly by Sunday the 17th: 412-965-4443.

June 30th by 10 PM is when to reserve with Terri Winaught, 412-263-2022, to be at the Saturday, July 7th Gottschalk Swim Party. 15 Cherrington Lane, Moon Township, 15108 near the airport. Also, with the time being from noon to 5 PM, the hosts ask that you schedule Access or your ride no later than 5 to give them time for cleanup.

When reserving, let Terri know if you will bring a side, salad, dessert or snack, with sides and salads being preferred since there are often too many snacks and desserts. Also, let Terri know if you can give a ride or if you need one. If you need a ride, Terri will do her best to find one, with preference going to BOLD members who neither drive nor have Access. The next preference goes to BOLD members who have Access but for whom scheduling it would result in a transfer trip-something which can be especially difficult on weekends when the Access office is closed. Finally and only if enough rides are available, rides will be considered for non-BOLD members who are coming as guests.


Since Rowing will be held from Sunday, June 3rd till the last Thursday in august, and is held on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, we suggest reserving with Three Rivers rowing directly by contacting Samantha (Sam) Finnegan: 412-231-8772. To get more information from a seasoned rower to see if you want to sign up, phone Tammi Swiantek: 412-488-6298. Either Samantha or Tammi can give you pricing, and-though this has never been done-you could consider asking Sam if she would offer free trial sessions to get a better sense if rowing is for you. Finally, for questions about reimbursement at the end of the Rowing Season, call Veronique: 412-225-4038. (Regarding reimbursement requests, we will be using the honor system since there is no one to track if you have attended at least half of the sessions.) Should you decide to row, the location is: 300 Waterfront Drive, which is also where Three Rivers Rowing is located.


Penny Fleckenstein, an avid and experienced biker said that she enjoyed the Sunday, April 29th event in Canonsburg which Nancy Leverett coordinated with her usual excellence and capability. Many thanks to the captains, guides, and all who brought bikes.


Regarding Waterskiing, the reservation deadline with Nancy Leverett, 412-561-3972, is Sunday, August 19 by 10 PM. If you will need adaptive equipment in order to ski, ask Nancy if Adaptive Sports will offer that this year as they have before. If the use of adaptive equipment will be an option, be sure to ask whom to contact and what the deadline is. (See July's newsletter for meeting location, including address in Oakmont; when to meet, and when the Golden Triangle Ski Club will leave for the Nine Mile Island location where this event, followed by a picnic lunch the ski club provides will be held.)


Of Camp Kon-o-Kwee by Peggy Walsh.

"We 20 Boldsters had a relaxing, fun-filled mini-vacation. Food was plentiful and delicious; weather was manageable despite intermittent rain and thunderstorms. We were blest to have a visit from Uncle Harry and Aunt Barbara Kramer, the camp directors who originally began this program with Bold! There was plenty to do on Saturday including choices of daily activities, and the evening started with a delicious turkey dinner, followed by a rollicking concert by Bernie Cunningham with lots of audience participation, including Cindy Perseo singing some songs she had composed. After bingo we had campfire s'mores … a delightful success."

Personal perspective by Penny Fleckenstein

"Bold's first tandem biking event of the year took place on April 29th at the Tandem Connection in Cecil, PA. Nancy plans these events well in advance hoping for good weather. We had an amazing turn out despite the wintry spring day with a wind-chill of 26 degrees. It felt a lot colder riding especially for a captain who shields the blind stoker from the wind and bugs. I borrowed a thin jacket from Nancy and rode with no gloves. I had underestimated the need for warm clothing. I pulled my jacket sleeves over
my hands and after riding 16 miles, I was so appreciative of the $1.50 cup of hot chocolate I bought at the Tandem Connection café. All were proud of their riding accomplishments. A lot felt excited about the first ride of the season going so well for them. After riding as much as I did, I wanted two of their delicious lunches. The atmosphere was cheerful, the company enjoyable, and the people at the Tandem Connection accommodating and courteous. Come join us for more tandem biking at Ray's picnic at Highland Park on June 2nd."


As many of you know, Bonnie Granger was a BOLD member for many years. Despite Bonnie's recent resignation due to no longer being able to participate in activities she still remembered us fondly with a $50 donation. This Editor not only thanks Bonnie, but also wishes her and husband, Ben, all the best.

Also, we have gotten some Lions Club donations, thanks to Penny Fleckenstein's excellent letter with which Nancy Leverett and Karen Seligman helped. If you want to serve on the Fundraising Committee which Terri Winaught chairs, phone 412-263-2022 (Terri and the Committee would LOVE to have your commitment, talent and energy).


No known June events at the Library for the Blind, contact the Library: 412-687-2440 or the update line: 1-773-572-3078.

Jim Winaught could use your ongoing positive thoughts and prayers as he continues to recover from surgery and a heart attack. Jim also recently learned that both of his shoulders are "frozen"-something which will require more surgery.

As someone who struggles with ongoing physical health challenges, Carol Platt could also use your encouragement and prayers.
All the best to Penny Fleckenstein who recently moved to a new home in Bellevue, and Warm Wishes to Jim Musto, who now lives in Broadmore, an assisted Living facility in Bridgeville. "Jim really seems to like it there," Rege Sullivan told the editor.
Though the following warm wish is quite belated, for which this Editor apologizes, she also understands that Larry Wiseman is happy with his move several months ago to Moorhead Towers (here's hoping that move continues to be a positive in Larry's life).
Terri Winaught's new cell phone number, which she has also been giving on the Update Line, is: 412-595-6187.

Happy Birthday to Natasha Brown, Linda Davis, Veronique Schreurs, Peggy Walsh, and anyone else with a June birthday. If this Editor hasn't been mentioning your birthday and you want it to be listed, or if she has been acknowledging it and you don't want that, remember to complete the survey Nancy Leverett developed with son, Ryan. If you have no computer and need Nancy's help, 412-561-3972.

Thanks always to the many people without whose help this newsletter couldn't happen.